Solar Energy

"It works,it's quiet,and it's non-polluting."

Saturday, June 17, 2000, Samboree, Westerner, Red Deer, Alberta

Around 400 RV's of various types surround us, unfortunately most with noisy, smelly generators. Yesterday's seminar on RV maintenance was canceled, a replacement speaker on Solar power is scheduled for today around the time that most of the women are at the Ladies Tea. The rain and wind of the last two days continues. The one 'solar powered' rig in our RV club isn't doing too well as evidenced by the cable to his neighbor's generator. The battery in our seventeen foot trailer is still doing fine in spite of having to run the furnace all day and night mostly just to keep the little dog warm. The guest speaker has already started in the Westerner Center, apparently he's from BP Solar who, along with Siemens Solar pretty well dominate the high end market.

Here are a few of his quotes:
"I have never had a customer who was dissatisfied with his solar power installation."
"Wire size is critical. We use #4 welding cable..."

"The solar panels that you see on quite a few of the luxury motor homes are mostly for show and nowhere near large enough to be very useful."

"The best deal around right now is the 75 watt system at Woody's for around $800.00." (Cdn., see the Arizona Windsun link below for a U.S. price.)

" We now have a two-axis tilt mount available that lets you optimize the position of your solar cells. It's manual, most of our customers don't mind climbing a stepladder."

" The BP '85 solar panel is state of the art and should be able to supply most of your power needs. It is designed to work under adverse conditions and will put out under cloudy skies, etc."

" Some of our customers have seen the L.E.D. come on in bright moonlight and have been delighted that their solar panel was charging. Sorry, that just means there's enough power there to run the L.E.D."

"Two six volt golf cart batteries in series are your best choice. They have been designed for the sort of abuse they get on golf courses …"

There was quite a bit more but it was a very informative presentation and most subjects are covered pretty well in the links below.

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