Sunday, July 4, 1999

"Well, I know where Victoria Road is but where is Orton Avenue? The CPR Train display is supposed to be there"

"Let's just park the car down town and walk over to the tracks. Then, after the train we can walk over to Queen Elizabeth Park for Timber Days. The sunshine sure feels good after all that rain!"

The train display turned out to be inside a number of rail cars and mainly old photographs, posters, etc. " Well, this isn't much compared to the Railroad Museum up the road with it's 1948 Mikado Mountain Locomotive and all those old timers wanting to talk about how they moved a train out of some valley or other on only one engine." I said to Janet after we exited the train.

"Let's walk over to Grizzly Plaza and get popcorn at the theatre." she replied.

"That sounds like a band playing. The events calendar says the Community Band Festival was yesterday but maybe it was a rain out."

We eventually walked to the Plaza and found a shady spot to sit and relax. Janet grew up in Revelstoke so the image mapped picture of the band is full of local trivia. Just click on any of the buildings for more. The tree in the middle links to a full screen view.

The Band in Grizzly Plaza Janet took tickets as a girl,  The Theater Cat had kittens in the lobby. Janet used to baby sit the Kwong kids.  Manning's Broadway Chocolates Registration and Revelstoke Afghans, etc. The people in the hats are from Victoria The Band in Grizzly Plaza Click here for the big picture 107k jpeg Click here for the big picture The registration building You have to what? The band. The Gazebo The Gazebo