Pass the Ace

This seems to be the Parkland Jays favorite card game for rainy days, etc.

Equipment: 1 deck of cards with the jokers removed.

1 container for the "kitty".

Each player starts with fifteen cents.

Any reasonable number of players can participate.

The objective is for players to end each hand with the lowest possible numbered card as the person holding the ace or other highest numbered card at the end of a round has to pay a nickel into the kitty.

Start by cutting to decide who will be the first dealer. (Low card.) Dealers will change in a clockwise direction after each hand is played.

The dealer deals each player including himself one card. Aces are high. The remainder of the deck is placed face down by the dealer.

The person to the left of the dealer sneaks a peek at his card and has the option of either 'staying' or exchanging cards with the next player to the left who must change cards when asked unless he holds a king. The king is a sort of immunity idol and that exchange is stopped. Play continues clockwise around the table and often results in a great deal of mirth as aces are passed around.

The dealer has the option of either accepting a passed face down card or taking a card from the top of the deck at the end of the round.

Players then turn cards face up and the highest value card holder is fined 5 cents. If two high card are held by different players both have to pay.

Players who run out of funds are allowed one free round "On the bus" before dropping out unless the dealer forgets and deals that player back in.

Eventually all but one player drop out and the last survivor wins the 'kitty'.